Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Image Source: Rebecca Giansante

In today’s world, with all the stress, constant inputs of information, digital and physical noise and expectations placed on us, it can be hard to stay as happy as you’d like. Of course, no one’s happy all the time, but I have found plenty of things that help me stay happier than I would be otherwise. Unfortunately, I can’t share them all. So, three seems like a good number for a short article.

  1. No news is good news.

It is important to know what’s happening in the world and to stay up to date, but it’s also important to disconnect sometimes.  

Go a day without checking the news, and minimize your time spent on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Just for a day, once a week, or once a month even.  If it’s important, you’ll hear about it.

  1. Sunshine fun shine.

Get plenty of sunshine; that vitamin D really is important in helping improve mood, and just being in the sun often feels good.

Go for a short walk on a sunny day, sit outside and read, or even take a nap outside (apply sunscreen if you’re going to do this one).

Sometimes it’s not possible to get sunlight, so I recommend taking a vitamin D supplement as well.

  1. Be crafty.

Pick up a craft of some kind, one that will produce satisfying results.

For example, I crochet, which keeps my hands busy and helps me destress.  Since I can’t possibly crochet stuff just for myself or I’d end up swamped, I crochet hats that I donate to cancer patients.

Just remember: no one is perfect at anything right away. Happiness can take some work, but hopefully the tips I’ve provided will help in the effort.