Halloween Treats

The Halloween season is upon us, bringing on a load of festivities and traditions. Whether you plan to trick or treat, scare the neighbors, host a party, or just stay in and watch a scary movie, the perfect snacks are essential.

It’s easy to have the classics such as candy corn or caramel apples, but this year I suggest you spice up your Halloween menu with some creative and spooky treats.

1. Spooky Charcuterie

Image Source: Pinterest

As charcuterie boards are a personal favorite of mine, it was only natural to include a Halloween-themed one, including meats, cheeses, and spooky decorations. These are fun to make and even better to eat! However, you don’t have to put in a ton of effort for your Halloween snacks. Here are some low-maintenance treats that will still leave you feeling spirited.

2. Chocolate Covered…

Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

Anything dipped in chocolate with a fun twist is an easy way to class up your Halloween snacks. Whether it’s some fun spiderwebs, mummies or monsters, and even ghosts, this treat is an easy go-to. Here are some inspiration pics in case you’re not feeling major creativity.

3. Mummy Dogs

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Mummy dogs are an easy and savory treat. Just take some crescent roll dough, hot dogs, candy eyes, and cheese if you so desire, and throw them in the oven. This fun take on the classic pig in the blanket will satisfy your craving and your holiday spirit.

4. Cupcakes

Of course, cupcakes are always a classic, and you can choose whatever flavors and decorations you like. You can fill them with jam to ooze out like blood, or your frosting can be creative and colorful. Here are some cupcakes I made for a Halloween party I threw a few years ago. They were a definite hit, and they were also super tasty and fun to make.

Image Source: Jordan Whitehead