Halloween Costumes for the Festive & Frugal

Image Source: Country Living Magazine

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Right in the midst of the autumn season, the celebration encompasses cool weather, warm colors, and amazing food.

My best friends and I still partake in the holiday, even as college students! Halloween gives us an excuse to put aside our tasks for the day and fall back into being carefree children, so every year we dress up together to pass out candy and even sneak in a few rounds of trick-or-treating ourselves. As adults, it can be especially hard to find Halloween costumes that are fitting for your age and festive. Here are just a few costume ideas that I have explored over the years:

1. Princess Buttercup

Everyone knows and loves the classic movie The Princess Bride, and everyone loves a couple dressed up as Wesley and Buttercup. I made this costume last year with a $5 dress from Goodwill and some ribbon. It was simple, cute, and fun to be a princess for the night!

Image Source: Cate Burgan

2. The Breakfast Club Gang

The Breakfast Club is a timeless Halloween costume for a larger group of friends. It’s always exciting to jump back a couple of decades for the night and act like an 80’s kid.

3. Mia Wallace

Pulp Fiction is another universally known movie with easily recognizable Halloween costumes. As a stylish main character, Mia is a creative and effortless character to dress up as! She can be conquered solo or as a pair–just grab a John Travolta and start dancing!

Image Source: Cate Burgan

This list of cheap and easy to make Halloween costumes are appropriate for all ages, but due to their age, will be widely known by adults. Whether you’re headed out to large parties, racking up candy with friends, or flying solo this 31st of October, make sure you are doing it in style–and within budget.