Hair Products You Need – And Why!

Styling your hair can be a drag—especially if you wake up early in the morning to do it. However, from curls, to blowouts, to beachy waves, hairstyling can be a fashionable choice. For easy, time-saving looks, try the following tools during your next hair routine.

  1. Revlon Brush
Source: Ulta

For a sleek blowout look, the “Revlon One-Step Volumizer and Hot Air Brush” works wonders. Available at Ulta Beauty for $64.99, the product’s “nylon pin bristles with comfortable ball tips” leave the hair with a soft and detangled finish. Its oval design helps lift and shape the hair, giving your hair a voluptuous look. 

Amazon offers cheaper alternatives to the Revlon brush. For example, the “Umeely 4-in-1 Hair Dryer” brushes, styles, and volumizes for $39.99. The “ceramic titanium barrel” also prevents heat damage, which makes it a safe product to try. 

  1. Beach Waver
Source: Beachwaver

The Beachwaver recently gained attention on TikTok. Reaching almost 349 million views, stylists have been testing out the simple tool for successful waves. Instead of wrapping your hair around the barrel of the curling iron or clamping down an end piece and manually twisting the iron with your hands until it reaches the top of your head, the Beachwaver does it for you with a “self-rotating” feature. All it takes is a push of the button to get it working. It’s quick, effective, and gives the hair long-lasting, bouncy curls. 

The trending product is available online for $99. Offered in different barrel sizes, depending on how elongated or shortened you like your waves, the Beachwaver is an effective, time-saving tool, and it’s no wonder the product gained popularity. 

  1. Hair Crimper (50) 
Source: Ulta

For tighter waves, a crimper works best. The “Wave Affair Jumbo 3 Barrel Ceramic Hair Waver” for $54.99 on Ulta Beauty’s website is easy-to-use. You stamp the hair in sections, holding the curls in place for a few seconds. For a more beachy wave look, brush the hair out after stamping. Although this process is more timely, the end result is stunning.  

  1. Heatless Curling Tools
Source: Ulta

Heatless curling—an easy and time-saving styling option to prevent hair damage. Ulta Beauty’s $16 “Satin Heatless Curling Set” comes with a foam curling rod and two scrunchies to tie the hair in place. The website and other streaming services like YouTube have tutorials on how to use the set, but it’s as simple as wrapping your hair around the rods, rolling them up, and tying them in a scrunchie. For best results, wear the heatless curls overnight–they are comfortable enough to sleep in! 

Other alternatives like a robe tie or socks can be used to place the hair in curls.