Guide to a Better Backpack

Image Source: breanna2608

Most students carry around cumbersome backpacks all the time, made even more difficult by the amount of things shoved into them. Finding a good way to organize your backpack will make things much easier and perhaps even allow for more fun in school. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Only pack what you need. It might seem convenient to have everything in your bag at all times, but this just adds unnecessary weight to your back and disorganization to your bag. Instead, switch out your folders and notebooks depending on the day. If you only need your laptop for all of your classes on a certain day, why bring a bulky notebook? Likewise, if your professor requires you to take notes by hand, why bring a heavy laptop?
  2. Change the size of your bag depending on the day. If you only need your laptop, just bring a laptop case instead of your full backpack. What is the point in using an unnecessarily big bag that you would inevitably fill with clutter?
  3. Don’t be afraid to use multiple bags. Sometimes it just works out best to have different things in different bags, and carry around more than one.

Ultimately, you have to find what works for you. If you thrive on chaos and disorganization, then by all means, disregard this article. But if you find yourself feeling stressed on account of the state of your backpack, experiment with some of these tips and see how you can improve.