Green Closet, Green Earth

image source: Erin Guy

Over the years, fast fashion has grown to exponential heights as stores such as Forever 21, H&M , and Zara have risen in popularity. Fast fashion allows us as consumers to have the latest trends from the runway at cheap prices and wearable styles almost overnight.

As a result, consumers are buying and getting rid of clothes much faster than our Earth can handle. This adds to waste in landfills, CO2 emissions, and water shortages in cotton-growing countries. While this may seem like a big and scary problem, you have control of how fashion is consumed and its impact on the environment.

Most towns have places where clothing can be donated or traded, which makes for an easy and fun way to help the Earth. Instead of tossing old clothes, donate them or make some money selling them to more selective stores. What is even more fun is finding unique pieces and creating your own, eco-friendly outfits at low prices. Building a “green” wardrobe not only saves you money, but helps our Earth live a longer, greener life. Happy thrifting!