Giving Back

So many people are working so hard to keep us safe during this time. It may seem like you have exhausted ways to help them, but there are still things you can do to give back to your community.

Donate! Not just money for fundraisers or local/independent businesses, but old clothes and nick nacks to Goodwill and other charitable organizations. Many people are going through their clutter and unused possessions to identify what they don’t need anymore. Instead of throwing things out, take them to a charity.

If you have an affinity for cooking/baking, deliver food to friends and family! Respect social distancing and only do it if everyone is comfortable with it, but one of the best ways to stay busy and sane is to connect with people and spread cheer. I love baking, and it always makes me happy to deliver some cookies or cupcakes to stressed friends and give them joy.

Write letters! It’s always such a thrill to receive a handwritten letter, and everyone needs some of that pleasure these days. There are plenty of organizations through which you can send a message to soldiers, children, the elderly, and hospital/cancer patients.

Whatever you chose to do, you always have the power to give back.