Giving Back to Nature

Image Source: Matthew Smith on Unsplash

With issues like climate change becoming more pressing, relevant, and even devastating in recent years, it can be hard (or even overwhelming) to figure out how to help combat these issues and adopt more sustainable practices. Here are four practices you can easily adopt into your lifestyle.

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Buying Used Instead of New

One of the easiest practices currently out there is figuring out what you can reuse. For example, let’s say you’ve just gotten those syllabi from your professors, and you’re now looking for your textbooks. Rather than buying all new books, consider going for their used counterparts. Beach Town Books in San Clemente is one option, and if you’re a student at Chapman University, try getting some used books from the Agora Gift Shop. And when you no longer need those books, you can donate them to a nearby Goodwill or sell them online!

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Reduce (or Eliminate) Plastics

If you’re the type who uses plastic on a regular basis, consider cutting back (or even eliminating) your use. While plastic was originally used to help lessen environmental impacts, specifically regarding natural substances like ivory being taken from elephants, the material is now causing massive environmental harm in the form of plastic pollution, specifically towards marine wildlife. With many people looking for alternatives, places like Eco Now and BYO Long Beach started popping up with eco-friendly options. When you’re packing up your lunch and something to drink, consider using a wood utensil or a stainless steel one from your kitchen drawers, and perhaps replace that bottled water with a nifty hydro flask.

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Go for the Green

While efforts to create and mandate electric vehicles are still ongoing and won’t be implemented for a while, you can still find ways to use transportation in a more green way. If you’re looking to buy a car, consider getting a hybrid vehicle. If you don’t yet have the funds to buy a car, try riding your bicycle if you’re going to the store, or perhaps ride a bus if you’re heading to and from work. If you’re going for a fun night out with friends, consider carpooling to help lessen the number of vehicles on the road.

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Scrolling through posts on Instagram, you may have occasionally seen #MeatlessMondays in the description or heard about it from an environmental activist. Meatless Mondays are just that–every Monday, instead of consuming meat in your meals for that day, you go for plant-based alternatives or even just a traditional salad. While tofu may have been one of the few options years ago, a lot of brands like Beyond Meat have come out since then, offering meat-free alternatives made from peas, beans, lentils, tempeh, and more. If, after a while, you feel comfortable making other days of the week meatless, go for it! If you just want to stick with Mondays, that’s also an option.

You don’t have to adopt every single sustainability practice out there, but if you’re interested in adopting them, consider taking on a few that you’re interested in and know you will be able to stand by.