Gilmore Girls

Set in the whimsical town of Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls follows the relationship between Lorelai- a thirty something single mother- and her sixteen year old daughter. The dynamic between mother and daughter is absolutely heart-warming. It is refreshing that these two are genuinely best friends. I have never witnessed a more open relationship between a parent and their child. Other than the wholesome bond between Rory and Lorelai, the show’s highlight is the writing. Lorelai’s witty lines are filled with pop culture references, and are flawlessly delivered by Lauren Graham. Additionally, banter between all of the love interests, as well as the friendships, beautifully capture and represent each relationship. The eclectic residents of Stars Hollow start to feel like family early on in the show. The show as a whole has a warm, and homey feel. Gilmore Girls is the perfect binge for a chill Friday night, accompanied by some pizza and rocky-road ice cream.