Getting Off Your Bum This Summer!

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

It’s easy to fall into the summer trap of lounging indoors and binge-watching Netflix like there’s no tomorrow. Now there’s no shame in relaxing and enjoying yourself, but those muscles need to be moved and that blood needs to be pumped in order for you to live your best life.

Now the key to success in being healthy (and anything else) is consistency. So in order to have that, make sure whatever you choose to be active in is something you like. For example, I prefer being outdoors more when being active because of the fresh air and time just goes by quicker, so I do active things ourdoors like biking, fast walking (because running is just a HECK NO from me), and roller blading!

I like to make these activities more entertaining by doing it on the gorgeous trails in my town or by the beach!

Whatever you do, just have fun and grab a friend along with you to make it a double bubble party!