Get Walking!

Image Source: Rebecca Giansante

I’ll just say it, I’m not into sports, as a spectator or a player. Never really have been either. I did do karate for many years, but that isn’t something that seems to generally be considered a sport, probably because it’s not something that is a team-based activity.

Since I’m not really a sports person, I’m going to talk about some alternative fitness methods.

The most obvious is to take walks. I finally got an office job, something I’ve coveted after almost seven years in retail. I get a ten-minute break during my four or five-hour days, and I like to spend those ten minutes leaving the office and walking around Chapman University’s beautiful campus (when it’s not blazing hot).  This is easy and quick, so I recommend other people in such situations to do the same thing, if possible.

On the subject of walking, there’s also hiking. I love to hike, and there are some very easy hikes that can be found pretty much anywhere. I really love Monrovia Canyon in Monrovia, California, specifically their Falls Trail, which is a three-mile round trip to the beautiful waterfall, all along a stream and back.  Perhaps best of all, dogs are allowed on this trail!

You don’t have to play a sport to keep fit, just use those legs and get moving!