Fun Take-Out Options in Quarantine

Image Source: TouchBistro

Are you running out of dinner ideas or just tired of cooking? I know I am, but I have a solution for this problem! There are so many restaurants that are offering fun delivery or take-out options: the following are two options that are accessible to almost everyone.

The first exciting delivery option is Taco Bell. I’m sure we all saw online that they are offering taco kits starting this Cinco de Mayo. They are advertising it as an ‘At Home Taco Bar’ and it includes everything you need to make their tacos. This is a great option for the whole family to get involved in making dinner. It’s only $25 and comes with lots of ingredients!

Blaze Pizza is also doing something similar to Taco Bell: they are offering DIY pizza kits that come with everything you need to make your pizza, including prepared dough and customizable toppings.This option is cool because you get to roll out the dough and top your pizza yourself. I actually tried it out and it was super entertaining, and I think my pizza tasted even better because I made it myself! This promotion offers the choice of one pizza, two pizzas, or a family pack of four small pizzas. The two pizzas are perfect if you want to do this as a quarantine date night!

These options are from fast-food restaurants which make them available to most of us, but if you have local restaurants nearby, many of them are also offering similar take-out options. For example, in the LA area, Guerilla Tacos is serving “Emergency Taco Kits” with everything you need! Milo & Olive and Roberta’s are selling DIY pizza kits just like Blaze Pizza. There are interactive and entertaining take-out options everywhere! It just takes some research into local businesses around you, or you may go the simple route with Taco Bell or Blaze Pizza, and enjoy!