Fun, Cheap Summer Traveling

Image Source: Cate Burgan

Everyone knows the summer season is the time for relaxation and getting away from the
inevitable chaos that engulfs your life. Unfortunately, leisure time can come with an expensive
price tag. For those of us who seem to always be short on cash, vacation never sounds realistic.
However, with good company and good food, a great time is bound to follow behind shortly.

Traveling for cheap these days is a rare luxury. Most people will be forced to spend
thousands of dollars for one week of lodging in a hotel. While the memories will last you a life
time, your bank account will diminish soon after the fun ends. Vacation is almost completely
pointless if you come home and immediately stress about money. Opting outside is always a
cheap and easy way to kick back and relax. State and National Parks require a small fee to enter
and camp, but they have endless opportunities of fun.

Hiking, swimming, kayaking, and picnicking are just a few of the activities that will
make for a memorable week in nature. Campfires, smore’s, and stargazing are great ways to get
unplugged from the stress of work or school and connect with your friends and family.

Traveling for cheap is the best way to celebrate the summer season with the ones you
love. No matter where you go, good company makes a good time. If you choose to vacation in
nature, memories are bound to be made and money saved.