Fun and Relaxing Things to Do at Home

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It’s been almost a full year since the first stay-at-home orders were issued. Although there has been a slight decline in COVID cases, we still have to be vigilant by staying home as much as possible.

During this year at home, I’ve been able to keep myself entertained with a variety of hobbies. Read on to see how you can spend your time at home, while doing your part to stop the spread of COVID.

  1. Read a Good Book

I used to read a lot when I was younger, but after I started working full time, I read less, especially as I got busier. This past year I’ve been spending a lot more time at home, so I’ve taken up reading again, and it’s been such a pleasure discovering new books and rereading classics. We can’t travel right now due to safety concerns, but when I’m reading I feel like I’m being transported to a new world! It’s  so exciting being able to explore so many different places from the comfort of my own home.

  1. Journal

There are many different journaling options on the market, but my personal favorite is the Five Minute Journal since it’s structured and easy to keep up with. Journaling has helped me stay grounded during this stressful time, and it’s also helped me hone my ability to focus on the good things in life. It’s definitely an easy way to start journaling if you’re new to it!

  1. Bake with a Loved One

I’m definitely not an expert in the kitchen, but this past year I’ve started baking more! It’s so fun learning to make something new, and it also allows me to spend more time with my mom, since we like to bake together. The best part of it all—we always end up with a delicious (and healthy) dessert to share!

  1. Workout

One of the hobbies I’m most proud of is my newfound appreciation for working out. I’ve never been a fitness junkie in the past, but this past year, I’ve been looking forward to my workouts more and more. Sitting around at home all the time made me feel sluggish, especially since I spent so many hours in front of a screen for work and school. Exercising really helped me mentally and physically, since I was able to step away from the screen to focus on myself. I always felt so refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards!

What are some of the hobbies that you’ve developed during quarantine?