Fresh Nails for Summer Weather

Since summer provides great inspiration for new beauty trends, I love to experiment with nail color and style during this season.

Since not everyone has the budget for a weekly manicure, there a million easy ways to brighten up your look by yourself. These are the kinds of fun nails I keep going back to during the suffocatingly warm summer months.

Photo by Bria Holt

Classic Pastels: I generally return to the classics, like simple colors and defined shapes, when choosing my nail trends.

Here, I tried a baby blue color that is cool, bright, and easy to reapply and touch up if chips appear during beachside activities.

Pastels are reminiscent of florals and great for swapping out every week. These colors are widely available at every drug or dollar store for budget-conscious beauty.

Photo by Bria Holt

One-Nail Wonder: A great way to experiment with nail curiosity and still save time is adding a statement to one of your nails, typically the ring finger.

You can spice up a simple color palette and add some flair by adding textures like glitter, rhinestones, or geometric patterns to one nail.

In keeping with my love for summer blooms, I tried drawing a flower with the end of a q-tip. You don’t need expensive nail tools to create this look and you can flex your creativity while still keeping things sophisticated.

Photo by Bria Holt

French Tips: I am a sucker for the classics. These nails, whether adorably cliché or timeless, will always be a way to elevate your look.

They look great with a summer dress or a shirt and denim shorts. I have spent many a self-manicure trying to perfect my white lines, and even if they’re a little wobbly, it’s still cute and sassy.

You can use the edge of a toothpick, q-tip, or buy a tiny little paintbrush to add the white tip. Either way, they’ll look sharp and fresh.

Nails are a chance to showcase your inner painter.