“Fleabag”, the Feminist Show Everyone’s Been Waiting For

Amazon prime’s British comedy- drama series Fleabag will quickly become a new obsession of anyone who chooses to watch it. Following a grieving, middle-aged woman, this show adapts a slice of life feel, with a sardonic twist. The dry humor is brilliantly written, and the complexity of the characters will blow your mind! 

This show completely nails the ideal feminist protagonist, while still making her extremely relatable. So many female characters that we consume are created by men; they are both intelligent, but still a damsel, they are feminine, but can hang with the boys, they are beautiful, but make it look effortless. Phoebe Waller Bridge did a phenomenal job of creating (and portraying) Fleabag as a woman with extremely admirable, yet attainable, qualities. 

Phoebe Waller Bridge also gives the viewers a phenomenal performance throughout the series. Her quick witted dialogue is delivered with perfect timing. She often breaks the fourth wall, which creates this raw intimacy with the audience that is very rare in comedy and drama series. Her banter with potential love interests will leave the audience cackling more often than they’d expect. 

Overall, Fleabag is a mind blowingly amazing series that is sure to leave jaws on the floor!