Five Young Adult Books I Can’t Wait to Read

Image Source: Amazon

October, one of my favorite months, is here. And a new month means new book releases! Below are a few I’m looking forward to reading. 

  • Everything Within and In Between, by Nikki Barthelmess (October 5th):
    • Ri Fernández grew up in the United States, raised by her Mexican grandmother who forbids her from speaking Spanish. But what happens when Ri starts to explore her heritage, and reaches out to her mother, who left when she was young?
  • Any Sign of Life, by Rae Carson (October 12th):
    • Everything is normal for Paige Miller. That is, until she wakes up in the hospital after falling deathly ill to learn that the whole world has perished. Everyone she loves is gone. But she must push through. She meets young survivors along the way, and together, they might just survive. 
  • Our Way Back to Always by Nina Moreno (October 12th):
    • Luisa Patterson and Sam Alvarez were best friends until the worst serenade ever happened in middle school. It’s been four years and they still haven’t talked. Things have changed, to say the least. Luisa feels pressure from her mom to get into the best colleges, but when she finds an old bucket list that she made with Sam, she realizes she’s done none of the things she wanted to do. Will she and Sam try to finish it together? 
  • Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe (October 13th): 
    • Henri Haltiwanger is a charmer, notorious at school for being the popular kid. But the perfect reputation is ruined when Corinne Troy discovers his dog-walking scheme and blackmails him to help change her school image. Soon, what’s just a simple hustle turns into something more.

I love getting the chance to discover new authors and to support the writing community. I hope this list makes you excited to pick up some good books!