Five Hidden Gem Costumes

Every year it’s the same few things: cats, vampires, and superheroes. Finding a costume for Halloween in college can be stressful, so I don’t blame the repetition. It always comes up so quickly in the semester and can get too expensive when finding something too eccentric or new.  

This year, while scrolling through my feed, I noticed a few costumes that I wish I could have thought that I hadn’t seen before. They were all unique, affordable, and timeless. So, if you’re also like me and sick of being the same things every year, then take note of these five standouts. 

Source Image: Pinterest

  1. Peaky Blinders  

This costume is inspired by the highly favored drama series on Netflix called “Peaky Blinders.” There were a few Peaky Blinders costumes that I saw this year and I think it’ll grow even more next year. All that’s needed to make this costume work is a Scally cap and maybe a tie to go with it.  

Lady Bird

Source image: FSR

  1. Lady Bird  

The iconic outfit worn by Saoirse Ronan in the film “Lady Bird” is a great costume idea and is moderately simple to put together. This look includes possibly an old school uniform or any collared shirt with a skirt. To tie it all together, you can make a pink cast for your arm that can be created with pre-wrap.

Source Image: Retro Fairy

  1. Marie Antoinette  

This was a costume that I couldn’t forget. Unlike the other two I’ve mentioned, the uniqueness doesn’t deal with its rising name, and I’ve never seen anyone dress as this until now. The costume for this is absolutely stunning. The costume I saw that stuck with me included a flowery Corset, a pink skirt, and a pink ribbon tied in a high pony. To give it that old-time look, you can pull out two curled pieces of hair at the edges of your face.

The Weeknd live.

Source Image: timhry

  1. The Weeknd 

I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of this costume of the renowned singer The Weeknd. What I think could really sell the look is the red coat, gloves, and orange lensed glasses. This is a look as timeless as this singer.

Source Image: Pinterest 

  1. Adam Sandler

And lastly, a classic that you can never go wrong with is Adam Sandler. If you’ve watched any of his many well-known movies, then you know exactly how to play the part. All you need to get the dad look across is a long pair of basketball shorts, a college or sports team T-shirt, and a backward hat. If you really want to sell the look, you can draw on a beard as well.  

These are five looks I think we’ll see more and more of that can help make Halloween easier for you to prepare for.