Fireworks Over the Bay

Image Source: MLB

With the spring semester coming to a close and summer break getting started, it’s time to start asking an important question: What are your plans for the Fourth of July?

There are three things that I have made an annual tradition in San Francisco for the Fourth of July, and I would definitely recommend these for you if you find yourself in the Bay this Independence Day.

The first thing I do to kick off a proper Fourth of July celebration is gather all my friends and hit Dolores Park for a summer picnic. Dolores Park is located in the Mission District of San Francisco and is one of the most popular spots for locals to spend their days laying out on the grass, doing some relaxing yoga, or throwing a frisbee around with friends and their dogs.

Dolores Park gets a large number of local residents for holidays and events, but there is plenty of space in the grass for everyone. This is a great place to connect with friendly strangers and experience a fun day at the park as part of the San Francisco community. 

After spending the day at Dolores, you could make your way toward Aquatic Park for a fireworks show on Fourth of July night. Aquatic Park is a great spot right on the pier to view the fireworks up close, along with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Aquatic Park is also located right next to Ghirardelli Square, where you could grab some ice cream or hot chocolate to enjoy during the fireworks show.

The final thing I recommend is probably my favorite thing to do in San Francisco, which is go to Oracle Park to watch a San Francisco Giants baseball game. This year, the Giants are playing on the Fourth of July, however, the better option would be to attend the game on July 3rd because the team will host their fireworks show after the game. Then, you could have the benefit of witnessing a game of baseball and fireworks all in one place on the same day.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you enjoy a Bay Area Fourth of July this year and give you some tips on how you could have a great summer break!