Finding Myself in Annabeth Chase

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I’m a Percy Jackson fan through and through. I love to read, I’m smart, and I’m blonde. Is it any surprise that Annabeth Chase is one of my favorite characters and that I identify with her more than any other character?

I honestly can’t remember when I first picked up Percy Jackson, but it hasn’t left my life since that first reading. Part of the reason for my continued interest is Annabeth—a clever, intelligent, resourceful, independent, and creative young demigod aspiring to be an architect. I consider myself to have many of the same traits—I enjoy learning new things, I pick things up quickly, I’m striving to be more independent, I love crafts, and I’m an aspiring author. Annabeth helps me feel comfortable with who I am and where my interests lie because she is confident about who she is and her own interests. She inspires me to pursue my passions and gives me hope when things aren’t easy.

Annabeth isn’t perfect, but that only makes me like her more. Her fatal flaw is hubris, which means that she thinks she would do everything better if she were in charge. That’s a feeling I’ve shared on occasion. Seeing how she handles it helps me deal with it as well.

I can’t really put into words how much of an impact Percy Jackson has had on me throughout my life. I just know that seeing someone like me in Annabeth was essential in enabling me to be the person I am today.