Finding Joy Through Sports

Image source: FIFA

For many people, sports provide an opportunity to destress and to bond with family and friends. For me personally, the World Cup is a time where I can celebrate sports with my family. 

Cheering on my favorite teams and celebrating the winner allows me to find joy in sports, something I don’t normally do because of my busy schedule. Soccer especially has always been a special sport for my family as my dad, brother and I share the same love and passion for the game. Having been to live games, I can say that the competitive nature of the match creates a thrilling feeling filled with laughter. Whether or not the game is watched live in person or through the TV, people come together and bond during these special moments, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Even if you think that you could never sit through a game, I encourage you to try. Sometimes it can take a few attempts before you find a sport you are interested in. Once you do, however, you will find the magic and beauty behind appreciating and sharing this emotional experience with others.