Final Fantasy VII Revives Fans with its Remake

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There’s so much to say about the ascent in the presence of commercial video games from the early 80s until now. Since tech entertainment has gone beyond a less esoteric fanbase to public streaming and major tournaments on TV networks, we’ve got to see so many contributors to the success of video games. 

My childhood is reaming with early classics attempted to be remade today, yet one still holds in the top tier in the timeless category, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII. 

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This 26-year-old hall of famer of RPGs was an hour-eater of role-playing action-anime exploration. Like many young gamers of the 1997 release, I dove into Cloud Strife’s (protagonist) quest to stop Shinra (villainous syndicate) from depleting Gaia’s (their world) energy source. The visually stunning cutscenes build fantastic drama with summons, which are explosive hybrid mythological creatures and animal oddities that report to your fight commands. The action display of impressive overkills has been a part of its undying veneration. 

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The Final Fantasy franchise has continuously released well-made and well-received games since 1987 and now has boomeranged back to its greats through a remake. Final Fantasy VII Remake is released in large episodic segments that remain loyal to the series’ original storyline. Since slapping the dust off its heydays, they are now releasing part two, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in early 2024. 

With the Final Fantasy fandom on their side, Square Enix will probably continue to have a promising revival with this fascinating series.