Festival Getaways that Won’t Trade Quality for Your Budget!

Image Source: TimeOut

As our spring merges into summer, mass vacationers are looking to get out. When the travel bug emerges during peak travel time for many beautiful locations outside the borders, some travelers may need more affordable options. If Punta Cana, Jamaica, or Greece are way out of your budget and time, why not take shorter, cheaper trips to events in another city and gain the opportunity to mix in with the locals?

The National Cannabis Festival 

Image Source: @natlcannabisfest on Instagram

The 7th Annual National Cannabis Festival (NFC) takes place in Washington D.C. at the RFK Stadium on Saturday, April, 22nd, 2023. The festival was founded under the mission to celebrate the federal lift on marijuana prohibition, advocacy, and bringing cannabis enthusiasts together. Founder Caroline Philips and her supporters sought to bring diversity and affordability to big-scale events and the cannabis community. Philips witnessed a deficit in events run by “the people” and people of color, while these events often held acts with many artists of color. If a cannabis-themed celebration with community bonding, musical performances, art, games, contests, food, and drinks, does not give more reasons to book a trip to D.C., then you might like this next pick!

Atlanta’s Wine & Food Festival

Image Source: Discover Atlanta

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival (AFWF) has been highlighting southern U.S. cuisine since 2011, with music, mixologists, and southern traditions. The 21+ event runs from September 21-24 in 2023, and for good measure to ease visitors to a bearable Atlanta heat. AFWF also offers local discounted hotels and airport information. While you’re there, seek out a festival favorite and “Georgia’s Best Damn Carrot Cake” and other unbelievable desserts from Roho Bakery!


Image Source: Artscape

If art is your drive, do visit Artscape! This free outdoor arts festival was established in Baltimore in 1982. There’s a plethora of many arts displayed, like performance art, culinary displays, music, immersive experiences, and art exhibitions. With too many cultural displays of entertainment to name, you can check out this festival from September 22-24, 2023.

The next time you are looking for budgeted and convenient travel inspiration, try these festivals, and so many more that earn their visitors beyond the stationary tourist attractions. Go ahead and flock with locals and travelers alike. Stay safe and travel well!