Feeling Snacky? Featuring Keira Stenson

Image Source: Clipartix.com

1. Fresh Fruit: When it comes to fulfilling a sweet tooth in the summer months, an alternative to dessert is the fresh produce that comes with the season, which honestly can’t be beat. Nothing says summer like biting into a juicy peach, indulging in a handful of plump cherries, or chowing down on bright red strawberries (Keira). Going to a nearby farmers’ market is a perfect summer outing and a fun way of learning about where your fresh fruit comes from and how it gets to you.

2. Peanut Butter Pretzels: These nuggets of carbs and protein–yes, I’ll call it protein–satisfy my cravings when I feel like I need a snack with a little bit more substance. They provide the perfect salty snack for an afternoon re-energizer. I like the peanut butter-filled pretzel nuggets from Trader Joe’s, but these are also a pretty standard snack item at most mainstream stores (Keira).

3. Ice Cream: When the midday heat becomes uncomfortable, nothing hits the spot like a cold bowl of ice cream. Just like a festive summer day, this afternoon treat opens doors to many possibilities, such as new flavors and fun ways of enjoying the delectable treat. After a day of exploring, stopping at your local ice cream shop offers an opportunity for a quaint outing and a chance to take in the summer sun (Keira). My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint-chip, as it is both minty and refreshing with just the right amount of rich and milky chocolate. I often enjoy this flavor because it is both creamy and light. Sitting in an ice cream shop, I find that this perfect mixture of flavors tickles my tongue with its different types of sweetness, satisfying my different taste buds.

4. Chips and guacamole: Snacking on some tortilla chips and guacamole—either homemade or store bought—is perfect for a lazy afternoon in front of the TV, relaxing in your backyard, or a quick snack at the beach. When you’re an avocado aficionado like me, you’ll look for the creamy flavor anywhere you can get it. This easy grab-and-go snack is a fun way to spice up your afternoon by combining crunchy and smooth; plus, it’s not a bad way to get your fresh fruit in!

5. Carrots: I know we’ve been talking about fresh fruit a lot, so I wanted to give the option of one of my favorite veggie snacks that, quite frankly, is good for any time: carrots. Of course, we all cook with carrots, but have you ever thought of grabbing a bag of cold baby carrots from the fridge and just munching away? To me, that crunch is always satisfying, and the coldness of the carrots just adds to the snap.