Feeling Fabulous for Finals

Finals season is here, and with it comes tons of stress and rushed study sessions. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The key to finishing the semester strong and acing your finals is organization. Here’s a few tips about how to stay organized, as well as prepare for your final exams!

image source: Elizabeth Kunkov


Flashcards can help you in almost any subject—from your Spanish final to your AP History exam. They’re great for grouping and organizing information, and for memorizing vocabulary. Add an extra touch to them by color-coding them!

image source: Elizabeth Kunkov


I carry my planner to school with me every day to ensure that I don’t forget about what homework and assignments I have do. It’s so helpful especially when a teacher goes over subjects to study or worksheets to look at. It also includes a calendar, which leads me into the next topic…

image source: Elizabeth Kunkov


I have a calendar hanging right over my desk in my room so that I see all of the upcoming assignments, tests, and finals. I find that having a visual display of my schedule is helpful in motivating and reminding me about what I have to study and complete.


In the end, how well you do at the end of the semester, and on your finals, is up to you. Make sure to feel confident before going into an exam; do plenty of review, practice problems, etc. The night before, lay out all of the materials you’ll need (calculators, pens, pencils) so that you’re not in a rush in the morning. Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before, and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. Finally, make sure to stay calm and walk in confident!

I hope these tips were helpful for your final exams and for finishing the semester with great grades. Good luck!