Fashionable Stocking Stuffers

One of my favorite ways to show appreciation for the people in my life is with small, hand-held gifts. These $20 and under pieces can be personalized and given with love. Especially this year, many of us are on a strict budget for the holidays but still want to give meaningful gifts to our loved ones. Here are a few items for that fashionable person in your life.

Photo from YesStyle

Fleece-lined tights are an absolute must-have in your closet. No matter what region you live in, you will appreciate having an extra layer on a chilly night out or in the cold office. These tights are thick and flesh-toned, so they don’t look bulky under a delicate dress or mini-skirt. You can also get them in an array of colors such as black, grey, and ivory. Try flipping some of your favorite summertime dresses for winter looks!

Photo from Burt’s Bees

Lip balm is always a good call, no matter what holiday. They are a perfect small item to place in a stocking or even tied to a bow on a larger present. One of my favorite brands is Burt’s Bees, which keeps a wide range of flavors and scents of lip balms in stock. I particularly enjoy the medicated eucalyptus and fresh orange peel. Get a variety pack and hand them out as small tokens of appreciation.

Photo J. Crew Factory

Hair accessories are small and dainty goodies that work well as neutral gifts. These can be found at drugstores, dollar stores, Hot Topic, Claire’s, and other boutiques. Neutral colored barrettes are great for hair necessities, as well as fun-patterned scrunchies or pearl clips. These are affordable pieces that work well in small gift baskets. They are also easily personalized with trendy colors and fun outfits. Make someone smile with a handful of 80s scrunchies as a last-minute gift.

Photo from Nasty Gal

Another wonderful small gift idea is mesh or transparent socks. These are cute and flirty and come in a variety of patterns. I recommend the black mesh, as prints like hearts and stripes show up the best on darker backgrounds. These are great for layering with ankle boots, tennis shoes, and even flats or Mary-Jane shoes. Get a three-pack for some fun pattern mixing. I hope these little gifts add some fun to your holiday shopping list.