Fan of the Book of the Month

Image Source: @bookofthemonth on Twitter

I promise you the following article is not sponsored. I’m simply a huge fan of Book of the Month. 

If you haven’t heard of the best subscription service known to reader-kind, allow me to introduce you. Around for almost 100 years, this company has created a well-deserved reputation for itself as a champion of emerging authors. They offer a wide variety of genres, each with an embossed symbol identical to the one above on its cover; they’re now so popular that hundreds of thousands of people count themselves as part of the family. I am one of them and have now enjoyed three months of waiting for the first to strike so I can see my bookshelf of options.

So far, I’ve received gorgeous hardbacks of Hellbent by Leigh Bardugo (with pre-order priority!), Babel by R.F. Kuang, and The London Seance Society by Sarah Penner. I have yet to pick my April box–I can’t decide between Ariadne by Jennifer Saint or Chloe Gong’s Foul Lady Fortune–but I can’t wait to run to the mailbox when it finally arrives. 

It’s possible to obtain a subscription for yourself or a fellow bookworm through their gifting program. Regardless of how you’re introduced to it, I can guarantee you’ll be interested in renewing. There are often deals for adding an extra month or even an extra book to your regular box! What’s not to love? 

For convenience, you can download their app and make your regular selections even more quickly than usual. And if you don’t like the seven options they provide in that batch, you can navigate back to past months or even special categories to pick something you will. AND– I promise this is the last of the fun facts–they have a podcast where the authors of some of your favorite featured books take you inside their work on a virtual tour. 

Anything that makes discovering new authors and supporting the book community easier is a win in my book. Who knows when you might discover your new favorite writer or a hidden gem?