(Fall)ing into Midterm Season

As fall is officially here-and midterms are too, unfortunately-I certainly know that I am craving ways to give my mind a break from long days studying and pouring over my books. Here are my suggestions to create a perfectly autumnal study session!

  • Refreshments are a must! When I sit down to work, having something to sip on makes me feel a little comforted and lessens any stress. My personal favorite is a chai latte because it has that perfect amount of sweetness and spice while giving me a little pep in my step. When the holiday season approaches, I lean more towards a hot chocolate as my beverage of choice, but whatever your taste, give yourself a little treat as a reward for all the hard work you are putting in. Besides, a nice warm drink never fails to bring the cozy vibes!
  • Take opportunities to breathe when you get them! As you will probably be hitting the books and writing papers up until finals approach, there might not be much time for frequent breaks or relaxing moments to read, but you can certainly create them. In times when you are working on copying notes or doing busy work, find an audiobook to keep you company. Instead of moping over the mindless or boring assignment, take the opportunity to let your mind wander to some place fantastical-all you have to do is listen.
  • Give yourself a craft to fidget with! When I’m spending hours with my face buried in a textbook or reviewing old lecture videos, my hands get antsy and start searching for something to mess with. If you have this anxious energy too, you might want to try creating your own bookmarks. With just a sliver of white paper and some pens or colored pencils, you can doodle on, fill in, or write all over a bookmark, and you can then use them to mark your spot in schoolbooks or whatever book you choose. Having something to channel distraction towards may actually help you focus the academic side of your brain on midterms!

I hope some of these ideas help you during this overwhelming time and give you an opportunity to relieve a little of the weight that midterms place on your shoulders. I will be trying out some of them and maybe even imagining that I am just as studious and energetic as Hermione Granger to put an extra pep in my studying! Happy fall and best of luck on midterms.