Fall Fashion

We are less than a month from the first day of fall, yet temperatures are still scorching! However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get into the fall spirit when it comes to fashion. While it is best not to wear thick sweaters and jackets, we can add a touch of autumn-inspired style by wearing fall colors. 

Burgundy, orange, yellow, purple, and brown are great options regardless of the article of clothing. Cardigans are a fantastic choice as they are lightweight and comfortable to wear in warm weather and give off a cozy fall vibe. 

Photo from Jane

Plaid skirts like the one below combine a classic retro print with the comfort of a mini skirt. If you prefer something longer for cooler nights, I also love maxi-length skirts that have a flowy feel.

Photo from Urban Outfitters
Photo from Rogue and Rouge

If you enjoy wearing dresses, a mid-length, ditsy style dress is a beautiful pick. These dresses slip on and are comfortable no matter the weather. Floral prints can go great for fall-inspired outfits as well.

Photo from Band of Gypsies

Lastly, palazzo pants allow for ease of wearability and, if the right shade, can add to your autumn fashion picks. I love to wear these pants out as they aren’t too tight but can also be the key part of your outfit! 

Photo from Bella Ella Boutique

Fall-inspired fashion is more than sherpa jackets, boots, and scarves. If you are confident in what you wear and feel the fall vibes, you have the right idea. I hope you find these suggestions helpful in picking the best fall-inspired clothing choices on blazing hot days!