Fall Beauty Favorites

Fall is finally here! The leaves are changing colors, the weather’s cooling down, and the current trends are switching up. Out with the summer heat and bright colors, and in with the sweet breeze and autumn leaves. Like they say: burgundy is the new black!

 Here are a few of my fall beauty and skincare favorites:

1) Tartelette Toasted Palette

This eyeshadow palette, filled with soft, red-toned neutral colors, is perfect for fall. If you want an easy and fast autumn look with this palette, use shade “Warmth” all over the lid as a transition, “Cozy” in the crease, and “Sunset” over the lid. Highlight your inner corner and browbone with “Candle,” and you’re done!

Sami Lyengar

2) Colourpop Créme Lux Lipstick in “Foolish”

 Deep oranges are all the rage right now, and this universally-flattering shade can be used to give your dull days a bit of fall spirit. Use all over the lips like normal or blend a little into the middle of your lips for a stained, bitten look. You can even dot a bit onto your cheeks for a natural-looking flush.

3) Fresh Rose Face Mask

With ingredients like pure rosewater, aloe vera gel, green tea, and cucumber extract, this mask brightens, calms, tones, and soothes. Use if you’re looking to treat your skin – it even smells just like roses!

 4) Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

 With the weather cooling down, our skin tends to dry up, but don’t worry – this lip mask will SAVE your chapped lips. Ingredients like Vitamin C and fruit extracts help to soothe and heal dryness and fine lines.

Sami Lyengar

 Try your hand at some of these fall looks and skincare faves, and feel free to switch it up to your liking. Draw inspiration from your surroundings: whether it be the leaves, the sky, or the holidays, it’s all up to you!