Fall 2021 Makeup Trends

Image from Pinterest

As fall approaches, fashion and makeup trends are beginning to evolve to fit the upcoming season’s style and aesthetic. Instead of basking in the sun with lipgloss and natural makeup, makeup lovers will be watching the leaves fall with dark eyeshadow and nude lipstick. Makeup trends don’t change too much every fall, but there are many styles that tend to disappear for a year or two, before eventually coming back as a trend again. Here are some makeup trends that makeup artists are predicting to be popular again this season:

1. Orange and red eyeshadow


That’s right! Orange and red eyeshadow will always be classic fall looks. You can never go wrong flaunting these colors in the fall. After all, who doesn’t want to match with the trees?

2. Lipstick


Put away your shiny lip gloss and get your lipstick out! Pink, red, and nude lipsticks are the perfect colors to complete a makeup look in fall. 

3. Kitten eyeliner


The kitten eye is making its way back into the makeup industry. It’s subtle but gorgeous, and lots of people will be showing off this makeup trend this fall!

4. Graphic liner


Speaking of eyeliner, graphic liner is a great way to make your makeup look stand out this fall. It’s a look that’s deemed as ‘out there,’ but if done right, it can positively grasp people’s attention! It’s also a super fun eyeliner to experiment with. 

5. Blush


Blush is all the rage right now, and it’s not going anywhere this fall. If you want to add a bit of fall aesthetic to your makeup looks, rosy blush is the way to go!