Review: Failure: A Love Story

Image Source: Play Scripts

Philip Dawkins is a children’s author and the playwright of the wonderfully hilarious play Failure: A Love Story.

In the play, the audience witnesses the deaths of the Fail sisters, Nellie, Jenny June, and Gerty (in that order) set against a comedic, family-friendly backdrop. Featuring a slew of silly ensemble characters and themes of love, family, and the importance of time, this play is suited for all audiences/readers. Although the tale is narrated largely by a chorus, the audience witnesses events from protagonist Mortimer Mortimer’s perspective, as he consequently falls in love with and then witnesses the death of each of the Fail girls.

Failure: A Love Story is the epitome of irony and as amazing a read as it is a show. Along with the absurdity of the plotline and dialogue, Dawkins manages to make even stage directions funny in how he addresses the reader in such a jovial manner. But above all, Dawkins weaves light humor and dynamic provocations within a single, cohesive plotline, a feat not many could do.

Failure: A Love Story will make you laugh, cry, think, and—most of all—cherish life. A must read for aspiring thespians or people who love Love.