Face Mask Finds

Since face masks have become staples in our day-to-day lives, they are fun to match with your outfits! Many small businesses sell these life-saving pieces of fabric in different prints and patterns. Here are a few of the places I’ve purchased masks from.

Photo from Karla’s Place

Karla’s Place is a divine homemade boutique, with hand-made items such as pillows, jewelry, greeting cards, and masks. Their masks are cute and well-made. A percentage of the profit is donated to Tulip Time, a non-profit annual tulip festival in Michigan. 

Karla’s Place also has a wide range of patterns, including plaid, animal, floral, and gingham masks. They have a wide selection of both masculine and feminine styles. Their products are high-quality and affordably priced. Keep supporting your local small businesses!

Photo from TaniriDesigns on Etsy

Etsy, one of the internet’s leading homemade goods websites, also features a plethora of artists who sew face masks. There are many cute shops from both solo artists and small companies. 

I love the masks from TaniriDesigns and KatPadillaBasics. Both online stores feature simple bold colors and abstract designs. My go-to way to wear facemasks is to pair complementary colors with my outfit. 

I like to use sturdy and washable masks. It’s especially important to buy and reuse fabric masks, so we can leave the disposable ones for our struggling medical professionals. 

By having fun with this new way of living, wearing and accepting masks becomes easier for everyone!