Exploring During Black History Month

Image via Pixabay

Black History Month was created by Carter G. Woodson to recognize African Americans in history who fought for civil rights. This month, let’s celebrate by exploring African American contributions in your area of interest and/or expertise.

  1. If you like to read, read a book by a Black author you haven’t read before; visit their website and explore their “About” page and their other works.
  2. If you are an artist, find a Black artist you haven’t heard about; talk about their influence, try out a new style you learn, or look to their work for inspiration.
  3. If you like learning new things, research unsung African Americans in history and today. For example, you can research African American women during the women’s rights movement, Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler who was the first female African American physician, and Phillis Wheatley, the first published Black woman poet in the US.
  4. If you are in business, or maybe you would like to incorporate supporting African American-owned businesses into your lifestyle, consider how your practices contribute to equity and inclusion; support, promote and work with Black-owned businesses.

No matter what field you are in, use this month to review how African Americans are represented in your field, whether it is through jobs or access to resources. Lastly, sign up to receive news from a Black organization to keep learning even after the month ends!