Executive Interview: Taylor Razzano

image source: Taylor Razzano

When a film hits the big screen, the spotlight usually falls on the lead actress or actor. But bringing a movie to the theater takes much more than a script and a cast of actors; it takes hundreds of people working off-screen. Taylor Razzano is one of those people.

Razzano is the Assistant Manager on the Worldwide Marketing Partnerships at Paramount Pictures. The 25-year-old decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry due to her passion for popular culture, attending the University of Arizona to study Communications and Film & Television.

There are many elements that go into driving ticket sales to the box office, including product placement, marketing partnerships, and retail licensing. “Marketing and merchandise is a huge part of entertainment, especially in my past and current positions,” Razzano says. “What I love about my job is that I get to work with both elements, movies and brands, while creating buzz in pop-culture.”

Because working in entertainment requires flexibility, Razzano encourages students interested in the industry to take advantage of their opportunities. She firmly believes that she is where she is today due to her internships at both Sony Pictures and Paramount Pictures.

“It is always important to stay connected and build relationships during these internships, and as you progress through your career,” she explains. “Additionally, always having a team player mentality is something that is pivotal in being successful in this industry.”

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