Executive Interview: Neelima Mane

image source: HMG Strategy

“My career,” says Neelima Mane, “has been the vehicle to fuel my personal growth from many different aspects.” Working in software, Neelima Mane’s career has had a profound impact on not only herself, but her view of the world.

She went on to explain how her career has affected her personally. “My career has provided me a means to provide for my family. It has exposed me to new places, I have been able to meet people from across the globe and learn about different cultures; it has hugely expanded my horizon and my view of things.”

Mane grew up in and attended college in India, and now is a mother of two living in California, working as the Senior Director of Strategy at the company Log Me In. When asked what made her want to pursue software engineering in the first place, Mane responded, “Technology is one area where there is huge potential to advance the human race, and that’s why being a software engineer felt like the best career for me.”

However, the pursuit of any goal comes with challenges. Mane’s biggest personal hurdle, she described, is “the own limit I put on myself sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I may not be able to do something, or I don’t have the necessary skills to pursue something. I think that’s an artificial limitation that one can put on themself.” This has not stopped her, though, and she has gone on to grow in her career and overcome her own personal insecurity.

If she were able to have any other career, Neelima Mane, staying true to her personal desire to improve the world, would want to be a creative writer. “I think you can influence people so much through the medium of creative writing, and make people think from different perspectives.”

Mane’s ideal day, in contrast to her busy career, would be a relaxing one; one where she could “spend some time in the morning to work out and plan for the day and be able to accomplish everything I wanted to accomplish for that day. I would want to have a nice time with my family in the evening, and also spend some time reflecting on how my day was.”

Though there will always be hurdles, both internal and external, with perseverance, determination, and a desire to overcome any challenges being thrown her way, Mane is sure to achieve her goal and help to improve the world.

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