Executive Interview: Mimi Tran

image source: New York Fashion Week

A mother of two and successful businesswoman with a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from University of Arizona, an MBA from DeVry University, and years of experience in finance, Mimi Tran was looking for a change.

Mimi Tran is the CEO and Director of Design of her self-titled fashion brand, which consists of exquisite evening and bridal gowns as well as shorter styles. Her first collection debuted at Sacramento Fashion Week, which then launched her towards great success in the years to follow.

“I love clothing and I love color. I loved making things growing up,” says Tran.

With much of her childhood spent in Paris, Tran says she was constantly inspired. Thanks to a push from a dear friend and colleague, the talented and driven mother and designer now creates for some of the top runways of the world. “Do what you want to do and go with your passion,” Trans says as she shares the words from her former business partner.

Today, Tran continues to pursue her fashion career, study fabrics and designs, and set an example for her children. While she says she wishes she could spend more time with her son and daughter, she also wants to show them they can achieve their goals if they work hard. In the future, Tran hopes to show her designs in more parts of the world and make an impact in the fashion industry. She may add a few more talents along the way, like learning Spanish on top of the French, Vietnamese, and English she already speaks. With such impressive growth and dedication in her few years as a designer, there is sure to be much in store for the brand and personal growth.

Interested readers can see more of Mimi Tran’s work on her website, her Facebook, and her Instagram.