Executive Interview: Lindsay Bernas

I recently had the pleasure to interview Lindsay Bernas, an artist, singer, writer, and podcaster. Lindsay is well versed in nearly every aspect of the arts, she was born and raised in San Diego. She has performed in musical theater, written a webcomic, and most recently started her own podcast. Her webcomic is titled “Lost Cause” and she ran it for four years. This story followed 4 teenagers who lived during the civil war and experienced shifts in their worldviews as well as the detrimental implications of war. In this interview, we discuss how she got into podcasting and how her experience has been.

Image Source: Lindsay Bernas

Lindsay’s podcast is available on Spotify and Apple, it is called “Whatever, Your Twin Was Hotter.” She started this about a year ago with her twin sister, Brooke. When I asked her why she wanted to start a podcast she confessed that she actually planned on creating a YouTube channel, but since her and her sister are currently in different locations it was easier to do a podcast. Also, she thought podcasting would be interesting because the largest demographic of podcast listeners are white men and she wanted to create a comedy podcast for women of color. Source: https://www.instagram.com/whateveryourtwinwashotter/

A year later, her podcast has continued to release an episode every Monday. Although her ultimate goal is to create videos for YouTube, she has been working hard to create a presence in podcast media first. Her podcast covers a variety of topics ranging from political controversies to dating as a brown woman. One topic that comes up a lot on the podcast is intersectionality.

Source: Whatever Your Twin Was Hotter

Lindsay feels it’s important to discuss these issues in an educational but fun and comedic way.  Lindsay and her twin have gotten a lot of enjoyment making these podcasts but it hasn’t been as rewarding as they had hoped it would be. This is largely due to the fact that they have not been able to reach their targeted audience as much as they wish they could. They hope to reach this audience through their YouTube channel and inspire women of color to follow their dreams.

When I asked Lindsay what advice she had to give to anyone who started a podcast she said “make sure you have a message you want to get out there that differs from other people’s messages.” She continued to talk about how making sure podcasting is the form of media one is actually trying to pursue, then discover what kind of audience you are trying to target. Additional advice she has is that you are never too old to pursue your dreams. She encourages anyone who wants to do something creative to just start the process and not worry about being “too late.” She wants people to remember there is no set timing for things. Lindsay and I also talked about her own journey of exploring and realizing her love for producing media. She has gone in circles thinking about her passions but it always comes back to her creative pursuits. Lindsay is super excited about her future and all that it holds. If you want to listen to her podcast, here is the link: linktr.ee/whateveryourtwinwashotter