Executive Interview: Erin Cole

image source: Erin Cole

For Erin Cole, a career in bridal fashion was born on the eve of an ill-fated wedding. “I had so much sadness in my life,” Cole remembers. “But when I walked into that bridal salon it was like stepping into another world—a world of promise and possibility and new beginnings.”

Years later, Cole has achieved status as one of the top bridal designers in the industry nationwide. Despite only launching her first line of gowns in 2016, Cole now deals in veils, jewelry, and accessories in addition to gowns. Currently spending her days traveling the country, conducting trunk shows and designing high-end apparel for brides-to-be across the nation, Cole loves the role she gets to play in her clients’ lives. “Being around women during one of the happiest times of their lives… [is] amazing,” she says.

Regardless, Cole has had her fair share of hard times, as detailed in her upcoming memoir, The Size of Everything. The book, co-written by Cole and professional author Jenna McCarthy, covers the rougher aspects of Cole’s childhood and the impact they had on her budding adult life and career.

image source: Erin Cole

Cole is optimistic about the book’s prospective impact on readers. “Having gone through hell and come out the other side, I just felt so strongly that I could be an example for people living in unbearable situations, because I can relate to them all,” Cole says. “I want the world to look at me and realize that where you come from doesn’t have to determine where you’ll go.”

Following the publishing of the memoir, Cole will continue to design choice fashions and create ripples in the bridal industry. Optimistic for the future, this fashion designer is excited for a future of new art forms and styles. “The art of fashion will forever change and never be the same,” Cole says. “And that is where true beauty lies.”

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