Executive Interview: Caroline Sederowsky

Photo Courtesy of Caroline Sederowsky

Caroline Sederowsky has a steady career in the hospitality industry working as a National Account Manager at Amenity Services Inc. Although I have stayed at countless hotels throughout my life, I never knew how much thought and preparation goes on behind the scenes. In addition to her career in the hotel business, Caroline is also a former world-ranked rowing champion and was able to relate her team player attitude to her current job. Hospitality is not my area of expertise, so I was grateful for the opportunity to learn about an unfamiliar career path through my interview with Caroline.

What did you study in college?

I studied Communication major [sic] and Business Administration Minor at USC. I also studied to become a Certified Master Hotel Supplier (CMHS) which is useful in the hospitality industry.

Could you tell me more about what a National Account Manager does? What specific roles are you responsible for? 

I assist Distributors and their sales representatives with information about our products, highlight their unique qualities via group training sessions, and assist their team with new business opportunities.

How do you go about developing products and programs for hotel chains from a marketing standpoint? 

We love developing programs for hotels and chains around the world. We have a variety of In-Room Coffee and Pet-Programs in place. A project like this usually takes a few months to develop and our whole team gets involved when we develop products for a program, i.e. sourcing, warehousing, shipping, and continuous project management to ensure of [sic] a successful and safe program for hotel guests.

What are some important traits and attitudes that you are expected to have in the hospitality industry? 

I have learned that “Anything is Possible” and l always strive to continue with that mentality every day, along with a positive attitude and loyalty with customers and colleagues.

What do you enjoy most about working in the hospitality industry and what do you find to be the most challenging? 

I enjoy meeting new people and having the chance to be a part of projects that guests will enjoy in hotel rooms all over the US and now internationally. It is challenging when we are faced with the unexpected – such as shipping delays, costs increases on products, or “stay at home orders.”

What was it like to be a former world-ranked rowing champion? Did you ever have goals to further pursue this in your life? 

Sports is [sic] a great way to experience business-like goals and teamwork! I loved being a part of a sports team but I do appreciate being a part of a company where we channel our competitive spirit to create game-changing projects.

Do you have any advice for college students who are trying to figure out their future career plans?

Try out a lot of different internships in various fields and don’t be scared to change your direction – it is not too late!