Essential Summer Snacks

Summer is in full swing and temperatures are not looking to die down anytime soon. To help
keep you refreshed I’ve come up with the best summer snacks that you need in your fridge.

Image Source: Kiwi And Carrot

A well known summer treat in Orange County is the frozen banana. It’s healthier than a
popsicle, but still creamy and delicious. All you need is to put a popsicle stick into a banana and
pop it in the freezer. You can enjoy it by itself, or decorate it with some cinnamon and sugar,
sprinkles or melted chocolate. If you get bored of a banana on a stick, mix it up by blending the
frozen bananas and making one-ingredient creamy banana ice cream. Any way you chose to
serve this frozen fruit, I promise you’ll be happy to have them on hand in your freezer.

Image Source: Tesco Real Food

Peaches are some of my favorite fruit because of how sweet and juicy they are. I love biting into
a cold peach after soaking in the sun because it instantly cools me down. To take your peaches
to the next level, add mascarpone cheese, a drizzle of honey and a pinch of cinnamon. I swear
this is one of the most delicious flavor combinations that you’ll constantly be craving once you
get a taste. It’s perfect for breakfast if you spread the mascarpone on a slice of toast and then
add the peaches and honey. The buttery mascarpone enhances the sweet peach and the hint of
cinnamon makes this treat just peachy for summer.

Image Source: Babble

Watermelon might be the most iconic summer fruit. Although it’s great to bite into a juicy slice,
why not step it up a bit? This is the most refreshing summer slushie that you should have in
your fridge all summer long. In a blender combine watermelon, ice, honey, mint and lime to
taste. I add a lot of mint in mine because I love the combination of watermelon and mint. Blend
everything together and you have an amazing, refreshing slushie perfect for cooling down after
hours in the sun.

So go out and play in the sun, you’ll have some refreshing snacks to treat yourself to when you
get back.