Escaping into a new reality, thanks to music festivals and concerts

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Escapism has always been such an interesting concept to me, where people are able to seek out entertainment or engage in a fantasy to distract themselves from unpleasant realities and events. Especially now that we’re in the heat of the school year with homework and assignments piling up,  an act of escapism is sometimes needed in order to de-stress yourself from the many problems that school and personal life may bring to the table.

While I have tried to go about testing out different forms of entertainment and events to provide that experience of escapism to myself, I have felt that sense of escapism most in the form of music. 

Music concerts and festivals have provided me with so much joy and enthusiasm, and each and every time that I get the opportunity to attend one, I can feel all of my worries and stressors melt away. 

Over the past few years, I have been able to attend several music concerts and festivals for various artists, including BTS, Billie Eilish, Chicano Batman, Aminé, Joji, Keshi, Omar Apollo, and $uicideBoy$. These concerts have helped me to let loose, have fun and forget about my worries for even just a few hours.

Many people have stated that festivals provided an escape when they felt ground down by the competitive nature of unsatisfying work, constant pressure to achieve all the time, and any type of failure or stress in their everyday personal lives.  In an article by The Guardian, festival go-ers have also stated that by attending these events, they have been able to cope with their “increasingly dull and stressful lives” and feel some freedom amidst all of their personal matters. 

I have always had an interest in attending concerts and festivals to see my favorite music artists–my first-ever concert being in 7th grade, where I got to see one of my favorite artists at the time, Halsey, live. This concert continued to solidify my love for music and festivals, and from then on, I have made it a goal to attend at least five concerts each year.

Now, I not only see concerts and festivals as a way to appreciate an artist’s music but also as a way to escape from reality and forget about life for a while. My friends, who I’ve attended festivals and concerts with, have also expressed a similar sentiment, where they’ve come to find freedom in these events as a way to express who they really are and do what they want.

Some of my favorite festivals that have allowed me to fully escape from reality consist of Sound and Fury festival in Los Angeles, Head in the Clouds festival in Pasadena, and This Ain’t No Picnic festival in Pasadena. 

Concerts and festivals have given me the freedom to let loose and be myself – and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you all.