Eras Tour Suprise Songs

Image Source: Pinterest

Taylor Swift has now done five of her 51 tour dates on her Eras Tour, each show jam-packed with iconic songs from almost every era of her musical career. I say almost because most nights, we don’t get her debut era due to the focus mainly being on her most recent albums/eras: Lover, folklore, evermore, and the newest addition to the bunch, Midnights

Her show includes 44 songs: six from Lover, three from Fearless (Taylor’s Version), five from evermore, four from reputation, one from Speak Now, four from Red (Taylor’s version), including All Too Well (10 minute Version), seven from folklore, five from 1989, and ending it off with seven tracks from Midnights. However, you may realize that that only adds up to about 42 songs, and that’s because Swift does two surprise songs each night for every tour date. 

These songs are completely random, chosen by Swift the day before the show and not announced until right before she’s about to sing them. They are performed with only Swift on the stage, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a piano. Swift has said that these songs would not be played again on tour unless she messes up, and in that case, would then get a shot at redemption at another show later in the tour. She has also stated that she will be mixing up the setlist as the tour goes on, already swapping a folklore song for another. These surprise songs are nerve-wracking, to say the least, and with each show, I am hoping that my favorite songs don’t get selected. 

Here are the surprise songs Taylor Swift has played so far: 

Night one: Glendale, AZ

  • “mirrorball”– folklore
  • “Tim McGraw” – Taylor Swift 

Night two: Glendale, Az

  • “this is me trying” – folklore
  • “State Of Grace” – Red (Taylor’s Version) 

Night three: Las Vegas, NV 

  • “Our Song” – Taylor Swift
  • “Snow On The Beach” – Midnights

Night four: Las Vegas, NV 

  • “cowboy like me” – evermore
  • “White Horse” – Fearless (Taylors Version) 

Night five: Arlington, TX

  • “Sad Beautiful Tragic” – Red (Taylor’s Version) 
  • “Ours” – Speak Now

Night six: Arlington, TX

  • “Death By a Thousand Cuts” – Lover
  • “Clean” – 1989

Night seven: Arlington, TX

  • “Jump then Fall” – Fearless (Taylor’s version) 
  • “The Lucky One” – Red (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift has put on a three-hour show, spanning nine different eras while simultaneously doing costume changes and choreography. She is a powerhouse, and even though the surprise songs are slowly ticking off some of my favorites, I’m glad she takes a few minutes each night to perform intimately to the crowd. I can’t wait to see what songs she does next and what songs I’ll get to be there to experience.