Eat Your Young: Hozier’s New EP

Image Source: Hozier

After the four long years since Hozier’s last album, Wasteland, Baby!, he has finally returned with a new EP titled Eat Your Young, set to release later this month. This is a refreshingly short wait for most Hozier fans. With the release time between his first and second albums having spanned five years, the internet is yet again buzzing for new music from the eldritch forest god himself.

Eat Your Young gains its title from a track on the EP by the same name, which Hozier has teased on all his official social media platforms. Quickly loved by those who encountered it, the few seconds fans have been allowed to hear have already become a sing-along trend on TikTok, with several comments wishing for time to fly by leading up to the release. Hozier’s mastery of poetry lends itself to elegant and symbolic lyrics which accompany his melodies, combining elements of jazz, folk, rock, and pop music. If one is ever in need of dancing in the woods or screaming into a stormy sea, Hozier’s music provides both a fitting soundtrack and/or a similar cathartic release. 

In a self-published video uploaded to his social media platforms, Hozier alerted fans to the release of the EP on March 17th–both St. Patrick’s day and Hozier’s birthday, as well as the knowledge that there will be three unreleased songs on the track. Furthermore, there are hints that these new songs are coming from an unreleased third album that will hopefully come out not too long after. Hozier applied this method of release before with his last album, Wasteland, Baby! when he released the EP Nina Cried Power roughly six months prior. Additionally, further teasing of the new album’s impending release is supported by the return of Hozier to the stage, as he is signed up to perform at a handful of music festivals in both Ireland and the United States later this year.

Whether you are looking for art in new music, beautiful poetry, or stunning visuals, I implore you to venture into Hozier’s domain and support his upcoming releases.