Easy Makeup Hacks

Image Source: Pexels

The world of makeup can at times be difficult, annoying, and expensive. Often I want to end my relationship with makeup altogether, but am forced to rethink it after a day or two. So rather than simply struggling against makeup and its intimidating prices, I have embraced it, and also learned a few beauty hacks along the way!

First, let’s talk about the bare face–the oily, pimple attracting bare face. When that one pimple that always shows up, but never go away appears, don’t worry. Common household items such as toothpaste and baking soda will reduce the redness right away. Slather these items on that nasty pimple overnight, and you should see results by the morning.

Another hack I discovered is in regards to face wash. It doesn’t matter if what you buy is name brand or drug store bought–all face wash must be applied for a minimum of 30 seconds! I always thought that just applying it to my face was enough. While doing this does clean off the makeup, it doesn’t open and flush out your pores. Your pores should be cleaned on a daily basis, so make sure you really scrub at your skin, and and treat it right.

Once your face is pimple free and sparkling clean, you also want to make sure you are applying makeup in the best possible ways. I apply mascara practically every day, so knowing how to coat my eye lashes with it is important. To avoid also coating the back of your eyelid, just place a spoon behind your lashes while applying your makeup. Your look will never again be ruined by dark, smudgy eye lids.

Image Source: Blossom

I also love applying lipstick, but this can be a huge burden if your lips are constantly inflamed and chapped. To avoid this, each time I brush my teeth I apply my Glossier lip treatment. I could also recommend Burt’s Bees. This keeps my lips soft, healthy, and ready for a different lipstick every day!

Makeup doesn’t have to be annoying or pricey, and certainly not complicated enough to want to give it up. Even if you aren’t a huge makeup guru like I am, these hacks are sure to benefit you and your skin!