Easy Day To Night Outfits

Let’s face it: we’re busy people, and after a long day at work or school who wants to put in the effort to choose a whole new outfit, redo your makeup, your hair, and go out for a night on the town? A common problem with a simple solution – here are a few easy day-to-night looks that’ll make getting ready a breeze:

1) A simple bottom-change:


day outfit
Sami Iyengar
night outfit
Sami Iyengar

Look chic out during the day in this black satin-top, blazer, and jean ensemble and, when you’re ready to start your night, simply trade in the blazer and jeans for this a black pencil skirt and voila! Instant glam-night-out.

2) For when you’re not feelin’ like changing:

Take a casual bodycon dress like this one, add a cute cardigan over during the day and take off when you’re ready to party it up. Add some jewelry, smoky eyes, and a daring pair of heels and dance the night away!

simple day to night
Sami Iyengar