Dressing like a Capricorn

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiacs and is represented by the goat. Some traits associated with the sign include being ambitious, practical, and disciplined. These traits and others are traits that I relate to myself. Here are some fashion items that I associate with those traits and that give off Capricorn energy. 

Photo from Pinterest

1. Ambitious

When I think of the word ambitious I think of a pencil skirt. When I see a woman in a pencil skirt I always think that they are ready for business, in a serious yet playful way that allows them to still show their femininity. This fashion piece allows you to express yourself with different colors and prints, and also allows you to dress it up or down depending on the occasion. It’s dependable, which is another trait that relates to Capricorns. 

Photo from yourstrulyyinka.com

2. Practical

Black booties are a simple way to make an outfit come together. Black booties don’t get as much credit as they deserve and can sometimes be overlooked, but with each click of the heel, they make their presence known. They may be simple but they still find a way to stand out. 

Photo from Pinterest

3. Disciplined

Nothing says “disciplined” more than a two-piece set, especially a blazer and skirt combo. These sets are professional yet effortless. Similar to the pencil skirt, you are able to customize a two-piece set to better reflect your creativity and personal aesthetic. It’s a chic option that can go from brunch with friends to the workplace. It’s a versatile outfit that encompasses all the characteristics of a Capricorn in one look.