Dressing for the Weather

Image Source: Jasmine Liu

Fashion is something that anyone and everyone can participate in while prancing through life. Whether you are more into the grungy dark look or a pastel and pink look, it’s your look to switch up, day by day. It’s amazing how much our outfit choices can do for us, making us feel confident in taking on the world.

Now that summer is rolling in, it is possible to break out those sundresses and easy, breezy looks. Some of my favorite days are just strolling through a city or town and then settling down in the evening for an outdoor movie. On casual days like these, it’s great to layer as summer nights can be cool as well.

Wearing the right outfit to match the mood sets the tone for the day. I love wearing sundresses because it’s comfortable, easy, and so fun to twirl around in. If I know I’ll be out all day, I’ll bring along a nice knit cardigan to layer if it gets chilly. And of course, you can’t forget your sunglasses for the final touch to protect your eyes and look like a boss!