Dress Well, Test Well

Regardless of how you say it – “dress to impress,” “look good, feel good,” or “dress well, test well” – the message that what you wear has an impact on your confidence is, in my experience, completely accurate.

My first semester of college, I would spend the morning before a test cramming before hurriedly throwing together an outfit and arriving at my exam wearing sweatpants or a random combination of clothing. Feeling disheveled and self-conscious about my thrown-together outfit, my self-confidence would waver and cause me to walk away from my test feeling insecure at best.

I soon learned that for me, the key to success is confidence. I stopped cramming and instead spent my mornings getting ready so that I would feel confident, prepared, and collected walking into my test.

Now I decide on my entire outfit the night before an important event – from earrings, to shoes, to how I plan to style my hair. I set my alarm a half hour earlier than usual (to account for last minute outfit changes, makeup disasters, and traffic) and do my best to get a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, I coordinate my makeup with my outfit, add a spritz of perfume for good measure, and saunter out the door.


dress well
Ashley Musick

I wear my confidence as my most important accessory. When my outfit coordinates in a way that makes my confidence shine, that is when I am most successful. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but if I feel cute, I also feel confident.

When it comes to being successful, I strive to showcase my best self in all aspects – from head to toe, inside and out. Living by the motto “dress well, test well” helps me accomplish this, and hopefully now it will for you too!