Disconnect at Lands End

Image Source: Fog City Streets

Looking for a place to disconnect from the everyday struggle of being chronically online? If you also, like me, would like to take a day to stop scrolling through scenic views on Instagram and instead see one in person, then I suggest you take a trip down to Lands End in San Francisco.

Lands End is one of the best hiking spots you could visit in the Bay Area. If you are not an experienced hiker, then have no fear, Lands End trail is a very easygoing hike that is a 3-mile loop and follows right alongside the ocean. Or, for a longer hike, I recommend you drive to the Legion of Honor museum for the free parking lot (which is always a huge plus in the city) and head down the back of the building where the beachy trail begins. 

For fewer steps and more sightseeing on your adventure, you can start your journey further along the trail at the Lands End visitors center parking lot (which is also free) and venture off the path into a few unique spots to enjoy. Some of the highlights that you may want to detour off the main path towards include Point Lobos, the Sutro Baths, and Lands End Point. 

Head to Point Lobos to get on the beach and have a relaxing view of the ocean. While at Point Lobos, you can easily check out the Sutro Bath and spend your time searching the unique ruins and landscape and find your way through a short tunnel to get even closer to the water. The Sutro baths were originally created in the 1890s as an oceanside swimming facility with an entrance building full of art, restaurants, and live entertainment. In 1966, developers planned to use the space as a site for new high-rise apartments before a fire destroyed what was left of the once popular baths. The ruins that remained after the fire have not been restored since and are instead a popular attraction for locals and tourists to visit. If you want to learn more about the story of the Sutro Baths before your trip, you can check out this article that covers its entire history.

If you are in San Francisco because you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, then you have come to the right place. You can see the bridge throughout the trail, but Lands End Point will give you a picture-perfect view of the historic landmark.

Lands End is an area you can easily spend an entire day exploring as well as making your regular place to hike and enjoy nature. So if you are looking for your next go-to place in the Bay Area to enjoy your time away from your phone, take a drive down to Lands End and enjoy.